Drabble: You Shouldn’t Have Dressed Like That

Prompt: Rachel wears Finn’s clothes and he finds out he likes that a little more than he should (image here). A/N: This is for the anon who asked me another drabble in the style of “The Claws Come Out”.

To say that he has had a shitty day is to put it mildly - he never knew college could be so exhausting, the A he thought he was gonna get on his essay turned out to be a B-, two girls from his class keep hitting on him, even though he’s pointed out that he is anything but interested (really, you’d think that the ring on his finger should be enough to make them realize that, but whatever), his Music History teacher likes to make jokes about Ohio every time he asks him something and his lunch was shitty as it could’ve been - really, he was more than excited to be going home, where he could have a nice shower, a full stomach and Rachel in his arms, not necessarily on that order.

As he walks through the front door, he smiles at the smell that enters his nostrils: Rachel is making dinner. He walks towards the kitchen and just leans against the doorframe while he watches her prepare their dinner: she’s got a small smile on her lips as she sways her hips along to the song that’s playing on the radio while she chops the tomatoes neatly. Her hair is tied in a messy ponytail and she’s wearing- Woah.

She’s wearing his shirt. And crap, she looks so good it should be illegal. 

Okay, he likes it when she dresses up whenever they go out with Kurt, Blaine and Santana, but this? This is her being herself, and the real, natural Rachel is the most beautiful side of her - he tells her that all the time, and she always giggles and calls him a “cutie” before kissing his face all over. He loves that.

Not wanting to waste another precious moment, Finn walks towards her and wraps his arms around her waist, pressing a wet kiss to the curve of her neck. She squeals in surprise, but relaxes against his chest as she recognizes his kisses.

"Finn, don’t do that, you scared me!" She squeaks half-heartedly, but he knows that a few more kisses and she’ll forget about it in no time. 

"Sorry." He mumbles into her skin, brushing some of her hair off her shoulder and sucking on her neck, his tongue brushing against her overheated skin.

"Ohh, it-it’s okay." She sighs, curling her fingers into his hair while her other hand drops the knife she was using on the counter. "I-it’s not like you meant to scare me, right?"


"Oh…" She purrs when he finds that spot behind her ear and kisses it, making her arch against him. "I-I was just m-making dinner before you got here." She explains, grounding her backside against the tent that rests in his pants, grinding against him.

"I can see that." His fingers come up to her hips, holding her in place while he grinds against her as well, his mouth now on her earlobe, nipping on the skin of it.

"I-it’s la-lasagna… Your f-favorite." Rachel lets out a low moan before continuing. "I know you’ve been so - hmm, right there - busy with everything lately, so I really w-wanted to - oh, yes - cheer you up."

"That’s really nice of you, Rach." He tells her while he snakes his hand underneath her (his?) shirt, caressing her flat stomach and feeling it contract under his touch. "You’re very nice for doing that." 

"W-would you… Say that I’m a…" He can see her cheeks turning into a hot shade of pink as she opens her mouth. "A good girl?" He smirks into her skin and nods silently. Ever since they’ve moved out from Kurt’s apartment, they’ve been exploring their sexual desires as much as they can, having sex in places they’d have never thought they could have before: shower sex, balcony sex, on-the-table sex… To name a few, and if there is one thing he knows Rachel loves is dirty talk - and after the first two times he didn’t succeed on it (he was so embarassed for not knowing what she wanted him to say), he managed to get the hang of it just fine.

"Yeah, you’re a really good girl." His hand slides down between her legs and cups her womanhood through her panties, making her let out a breathless squeal and buck into his hands.

"O-oh, Finn…" He slides a finger into her wet folds and she leans against the counter, gripping onto it to steady herself as her knees begin to shake. 

"How does that feel, Rachel?” He smirks as he finds her swollen clit and flicks it with his thumb.

"Oh, oh!" She grunts, bucking into his hands. "S’good, s’ really good."

Without warning her, he turns her around, making her face him and press her ass to the counter, and begins to undo the buttons on the shirt - why did she have to wear the only plaid shirt he owns that has buttons on it, really? - but after the third button, he gets pissed off and rips the shirt of her, not caring if he has just ruined one of his favorite shirts. She squeals in protest but he doesn’t even acknowledge it, leaning down to take a stiff nipple into his mouth and rolling his tongue around it. He feels her fingers thread through his hair and tug on it, which means she wants more, so, not wanting to make her wait for it any longer, he gets on his knees and throws one of her legs over his shoulder, pressing her back to the counter while she looks down at him, eyes dark as she massages his scalp.

"Trust me," He tells her. "You’re gonna want to hold on to it." And then tugs her panties off her body without another word. She leans against the counter, totally relaxed, while he plants soft kisses all over her thighs and inner thighs, sucking on the soft skin of it. Finally, he spreads her wet folds open with his thick fingers and leans in, licking her slit up to her clit, making her let out a moan of satisfaction, bucking widly into his face, begging for more. He buries his face into her folds and rubs his thumb on her clit while eating her pussy like it’s his last meal, making her grip onto his hair so tightly that he swears she pulls some of it off.

She finally reaches her orgasm, gushing her wetness all over his face while screaming out his name and “oh fuck!” again and again, bucking against his mouth until she begins to feel her body cooling off. He licks her clean and places wet kisses all the way up until he has reached her throat, nipping on the skin there while she shakes and shivers in his arms, burying her nose in his neck.

"Hi." He murmurs into her throat, making her giggle while she runs her hands all over his back.

"Hi, yourself." She kisses his neck. "You should really attack me like that more often.”

He smirks at her words, wiggling his eyebrows at her. “Wear that shirt again and I will.”

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